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Performance HTPC
Choose a pre-configured system, or customize an all-in-one unit.
provides various storage options and exceptional performance, at an aggresive price point.
Wisdom is about...
communicating heart to heart. Wisdom is about freedom. When you are wise, you are free use your own mind and run your own life. When you become wise, decisions become easy. When you become wise - it allows you to be who you really are, which requires no effort. You are like a child again, but without the innocent naiveness. Trying to be who you are not, expends all of you energy.
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This is different...
communicating heart to heart. Wisdom is about freedom. When you are wis

6 ways to win friends & influence people

1 - take genuinely interest in other people
It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow people who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.
2 - smile
3 - remember, to most people, their name is the sweetest sound in any language
4 - be a good listener & encourage people to talk about themselves
You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming interest in other people, than you can in 2 years by trying to get other people interested in you. 
5 - talk in terms of the other persons interests
6 - always make the other person feel important …and do it sincerely
This is the deepest urges in human nature: the urge to feel important & the urge to be appreciated. Do unto others, as you wish they do unto you