No future. 

No past.

There is only now.


There is.

No future. 

No past.

Only now.



zen says,

is when we forget the self and the opponent - we are but two halves of one whole.

Self does not exist - it’s a mirage - our stubborn belief of self shortens it. Self is the bold face lie, we tell ourselves daily. And happiness requires seeing through the lie. Debunking it.

To study the self, is to forget the self. 

Inner voices, outer voices - it’s all the same.

No dividing lines. Especially, in competition.

Perfect in the art of competition is reached when the heart is troubled by no more though of I and you. Of the opponent, their action and their energy. Of you, your action and your energy. All is emptiness.

You are emptiness. Even the thought of emptiness is no longer there.

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