Phill & Mike - Rick’s Neighbors, invited us to party.
(how does Billl Murry compose his excitement)

John, Leigh Ann, Martha, Barb

Danny Carranza - TL Support

Jim Kwik - MasterMind

Ryan Holiday - Interview “Look backward to find mistakes, Look forward to find opportunity.” - RH

Bill Audrey - neighbor, helps in the yard, biking in Utah Moab biked down on a hard tail. Daughter Margaret artist in Chicago

Diego Ponce - (Poncé for fun) - turned 23 the other day, met outside jimmy johns after leaving Goodman’s shoes

Dan Mace - Really appreciate you, Bru
Sam Sheffer - Holding Down NYC, Mr. Neistat head’n West Word
Peter McKinnon - Coffee
Jay-Z - Exclusive, President Carter