What is their name? Where did you meet them? How/why do you remember them?


Newfields & IMA Patrick Cavanagh: lead developer for the new site.
Terry: head IT overseer. Been w/ IMA before tech revolution Scott Stulen - Former Special Events Director
Stuart alter - Director of Technology Strategy, Former Director, Engagement Management at City of Philadelphia
Gary Stoppleman - Director for Marketing and External Affairs
Lindsey Hammond - head director lady w/ Roxanne and married to head tech guy
Tyreeke - Black glasses event director
Rozanne - pretty mom was part time now full-time
Scott Nelson - round glasses Young looking 41-year-old
Taylor – redhead Butler student intern graduating with art administration-ish degree
Gabriela Hall - dark hair
Ashli Pettibone - you know
Nate Edmunds - photographer
Rue - branding manager for Patachou
Josh Kitterman- autistic
MLK Day Stephanie - sweat(slow) artist, when laughs belly shakes
Martha - bit bigger, short black lady
Brandon - dark hair glasses... Set up anonymous exhibit
Peggy Reising - on the mic, "let it shine"
Dan Dovenbarger - New guy
Julie - dark hair glasses - I forgot that we work together for Bmovie bingo. 
Tim Thomson
Preston - well dressed Asian man
NYE Eunice - black thick hair met walking in (name means good victory)
Joanna - reddish hair Cliffed nose
George - a lot of earrings (i think gay)
Joe - in the green house on Sundays
Myoa- like Iowa black cool mustash
Michael - resident artist for 2015
Will – guy with long hair glasses and unshaved beard recognized from B movie bingo
FLUX DeAnne Roth
Chris Hansen
GOOD BONES Karen & Rodger
Mina & Steve
American Beauty Brandy Stinson
Lidia - artist (American Beauty)
James - artist-ish beard & pony tail glasses
Ultimate Frisbee Kyle Christie sister, Stacy
Lee - Kyle Christie's Dad
Keith - Kyle Christie's Uncle
Ben - Law school buddy of Kyle's
Wildwood Market Duncan- wild wood market, glasses
Karinda - brown haired at Wildwood
Kloey - cute girl w/ glasses, works nights
Elizabeth - bigger, sweet brunette
Emily - Craigs wife, baby is Analyse (I think)
Craig - Owner
Misc. Julia: Manager @ Goodfellas Pizza, Buffalo Ranch,Donnie Darko
Rushetta - Larry's wife, sounds like "bruschetta"
Ben - Larry's son
Susan - Bartender @ Silver Circle Bar
Art Bennit - Larry's buddy w/ cancer.
Carl - rents the potter building in FS by highway
Jared Sparksman -, FS Music Festival
Zac - Josh Rodgers' buddy, balding, relistate
Caroline Hall - Friends of Riley Pres.
Megan Rendina - (bigger girl) Friends of Riley VP
Eric - owner of landworlands
John - Employee w/ glasses @ Landworlands
Staff & Friends Dave - us postal
Mel Mordoh - Gary's BF
Marcus - fed ex
Tyler Gyen Breedlove
Chris Nole & GF Hannah - Denali national park, building a house working for gov/non profit
Matthew Ivanis-a-vic
Steven Goldman - Sister is Lainny. Works as an accountant. Great pitcher when young. Accountant
Chris Nole & GF Hannah - Denali national park, building a house working for gov/non profit
Customers *repeat their name 10X Elizabeth Lloyd: professor of science Philosophy. Teaches university boulder in the summertime. Husband is a tech developer for elevate
Synthia & Saide - sweet older black ladies, size 6.5 & 5
John and moonie - speedy topsidesers black/amaretto- lives in Switzerland Swiss wife - interviewed vappa's kid
Charlotte - Patty's cute lesbian friend
Bruce & Judy Campbell - GS wears gloves for skin dissorfer chyropractor nice dude
Jerry - GS customer man on Sunday video $2
Ronda Burns - GS, activity director at assisted living, short round and sweet
Denis, glasses/hat round, w/wife/B&W Bhacos
John reminds me of my dad
Doug crossfit, wife and young boy
Emma old Jew, Sweet, Diane her daughter neighbor of Goodmans
Gloria jewish lady, creeps around
Miguel Alarcon - mustache wax
Erica Walsh - NCHS, 3rd Grader
PEOPLE/FRIENDS Jason - Devin Lawrence
Laurence Martha's bro
Braden Lawrence's son
Evan - AJ's Buddy, trades grouped stocks for wealthy people, girlfriend works for Ganette
NEIGHBORS Dan & Cara Carlson: accounting & NCAA, Game of thrones
Kent -  Neighbor
Family & Friends
Brunch Club David Bayse, Wife kathy Bayse, youngest daughter Ann with 10&8 yr old boys
Toga's wife Courtney
Jayson, Madeline Russell Stealy's husband
Emma - Tabitha's Baby Lindsay - Brian's GF
Zoey - Michael Guggenheim's girlfriend
Kevin - Chase's buddy, big guy, w/ beard, meat market
Henry - Chase's buddy, blond hair and glasses, looks like chase
Nate - Chase's buddy,dark hair, beard, smashed bottles?
Corey - Lacey's boyfriend from Jersey, barcilona
Andy & Jacklyn - Peterson family friends
John Lowry - peters buddy, shared place in Idaho
Wal-e - knows everybody, knew papa for 35yrs
Scotty - peters buddy, burned in accident
Maryanne - Davis & Gracie's mother, DC
Erin Holzmann - teaching, sweet talkative
Sam - Corbin's buddy, with Harley
Rodger Reddick - Grandpa Ed's old neighbor in Hayden
Sasha Waller - Older, 2 children lives in Chi
Allegra Waller Johnson - Middle, stylist, Newborn
Ms. Waller - artist, used to be at Stutz


LET'M KNOW: Let people know when they're good at something.
EMAILS: "Keep it short & efficient." - Richard Branson

Praise a person as soon as they finish.
You must praise a person as soon as they finish a feat - no matter how good or bad they did. This is one of the few moments in life that lying is condoned by the most ethical individuals.
Sensitivity towards a person's ego takes momentary presidents over their deep commitment to the truth. Don't worry that they won't believe you - the utopia of the moment has a strange numbing effect on the performers judgement.

Use the same words & phrases.
When talking to people use the same words and phrases they do. This is called echoing and it makes them feel warm and connected to you.
It makes you more sensitive communicator and they feel more connected to you.
Note:Don't dwell on it - stay in the moment.

6 ways to make friends & influence people.
1 - take genuinely interest in other people
It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow people who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.
2 - smile
3 - remember, to most people, their name is the sweetest sound in any language
4 - be a good listener & encourage people to talk about themselves
You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming interest in other people, than you can in 2 years by trying to get other people interested in you. 
5 - talk in terms of the other persons interests
6 - always make the other person feel important …and do it sincerely
This is the deepest urges in human nature: the urge to feel important & the urge to be appreciated. Do unto others, as you wish they do unto you 

When people tell you their name...
REMEMBER IT! Even when you think you'll remember, you most likely wont. Try to associate their name with physical or active attributes. If this is too difficult, repeat their name in your head as much as possible.