Oaky Moss Thoughts

I am grateful for the opportunity to express myself. It is easy to sit down at my computer and wish that with every movement of my finger tips, gold pours out into the key board and bluetooths its way into the computer screen, out into the digital world. Then, for people see it, strike them as brilliant and then they become envious of my unmistakable talent and foresight. That's an easy thought. Desire is easy. What's difficult though, is recognizing that desire is often bad. It's bad for me and it's bad to want to infect others with it. That's just plain toxicness. I mean what the hell? Why can't I just be content with the way things are? Why can't I wish that for everyone. A subtle (what a stupid way to spell a word... "subtle") contentment (oop... clearly slipped a moment ago... now just getting side tracked) with the way we live our lives. Be understanding that things often suck. Sometimes my life sucks. Is it because of desire? Desire for things to be different? Is it chemical imbalances that keep me from establishing some sort of foothold? Is it my perception on life? Maybe it's a combination of all of these things. Or maybe that's just how life is. Who really knows. I mean... It's hard to know if other people feel this way. I mean sometimes everything is fine. Sometimes all my ducks are in a row.  I understand it can't always be like that. We don't always have that sense of security. Especially when you are as inconsistent as I am. The funny thing is... I have a piece of paper in my kitchen of motivational truths. It's about happiness. It breaks down the elements of what happiness is, like "consistency", "genuine acts of kindness", "self control", "piece of mind". I know what happiness is supposed to look like. Sometimes I even succeed in achieving it. I'll get a good streak of happiness going sometimes. And then, for one reason or another, I'll throw a wrench in the gear, sometimes just for the unconscious stupefying fuck of it. Anyways, my video uploads are complete. Better get back at it. Thanks for not over thinking this one, Mike.


Looking for a job?

When applying for a position, your perspective should be that you understand the problem they're looking to solve and the role they need somebody to fill.

Your approach:

  • You are the right somebody.
  • You are here to solve their problems, not your own problems.
  • I have something special to offer. 
  • I am the answer to your prayers, not the other way around.

Source: The Obstacle is the way, By Ryan Holiday


Think if we didn't. What if the next time I feel like a pile of dog shit and someone says "hey mike, how are you?" and instead of saying "good how are you?", I say "hey Francis, I feel like a pile of dog shit. How are you?" Ok, but seriously. "Hey Mike, how are you?" "Hey Francis, I am bad. How are you?" How would something like that be received? Would they be compelled to say "Why?" Probably. Especially because no ever says "bad". You say "good". We all say "good". Even when it's a blatant lie. What if we said "bad" and Francis just went on with his day. Nope... it's not like that we hide it. We don't want to be treated like we have a disease - we're good. We do whatever we have to to maintain this facade that everything is always alright. But for real. Right now, I feel the opposite of good.



Our evolutionary lineage is marked by the mastery of change. In our time, the pace is quickening.