Logo & Pics



Ashley (of Trade St. Jam Co.) designed this logo and sent it to me to clean it up and convert it in to a *vector image. I also noticed that her product *photos could use a touch up, so I did a minor color correction at no extra cost.


A vecotr is an infinately scalable image, which means no matter how big you blow it up, the edges and details wont pixelate.

Click the images below to see each picture 'before' the color correction.

Editing Bays/Living Quarters

Top Photo

This location (with the amazing light shining in) was my home base in Santa Monica, CA - over looking 2nd Street, 1/2 a block from Palisades Park, which overlooked Santa Monica Beach, which runs in to the Pacific ocean. If you look closely you can see my reflection in one of the mirors.

Bottom Photo

This editing bay was the opposite of "on the scene" - though it had great scenery. Pirched on a hill, this southern Indiana cabin overlooked the Ohio River and deep in to Ketuck farm land. It was peacefull and majestic - though at times lonely and boring. Overall, it was a terrific learning experience and I am greatful for the opportunity to have worked here.