Heading North From Bull Durham

December 13th 2016

Not sure how long I'll be here. Not sure where I'll go next.
But, I am sure I'll want to remember days like this.

"Bull" Durham

EST. 1850 Durham, NC

"Bull" Durham was a brand of tabacco that saw widespread success throughout the late 1800's. W.T. Blackwell & Co. (manufaturers) attributed it's success to superior advertising and building a strong brand around the Bull Durham trademeark.

Advertisement Benefactors

The Bull Durahm ad (featured in video) is written on the side of a shop called American Hardware & Supply Co. - owned and operated by Larry Kaseff (who also happens to be my landlord). Most advertisements fall somewhere in the middle between form and function, but not this one. Bull Durham (the company) is no longer in business, nor does Larry sell tobacco. So... what's with the advertisement? As it turns out, Larry had the typography (Gotham Bold) written on the side of his building to serve as a peice of nostalgia, a tribute to historic advertising, for people passing by to admire. He tells me that people like taking pictures in front of it, but I have yet to see that. Anyways, that's it. No monetary gains will come of this ad. Fortunately for me, however, it serves as a giant piece of cool, mysterious, masculin artwork. Thank you for that, Lary.

Rubicon Agriculture

Rubicon Team

I recently published a new site, along with a promo video for the launch of Rubicon Agriculture's revolutionary product, the AgroBox. The AgroBox provides healthier, tastier, fresher produce, which can be grown year-round and sourced extremely local.

Video production in collaboration with Erik Moorman, photography and website by Mike Guggenheim and the Rubicon Team, with assistance from William Welch on content design & creation.