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Custom PC’s and entertainment systems.

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Mike Guggenheim

Hotel Broad Ripple

A sleek website for a sleek hotel.

Hotel Broad Ripple Website

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Style Hair Salon

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Rubicon Agriculture

Rubicon Team

I recently published a new site, along with a promo video for the launch of Rubicon Agriculture's revolutionary product, the AgroBox. The AgroBox provides healthier, tastier, fresher produce, which can be grown year-round and sourced extremely local.

Video production in collaboration with Erik Moorman, photography and website by Mike Guggenheim and the Rubicon Team, with assistance from William Welch on content design & creation.




Kyle Schneider, Anna Vogel & I completed this site early, 2015. The site and it’s content was built from scratch, which allowed us to choose the exact path we'd like to take. The goal was to keep it fresh, clean, clear and intuitive.



We knew it's important to be professional, so we focused on presentation,  creating a strong brand experience.