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A quick look at a pencil pusher's take on men's fashion.


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Firdaus Ahmed


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Let's pretend this is a sentences in an article. Instead of linking to another page to get more information, what if we could just the information on this page?
We wouldn't have to load and scan a whole new article - just focus on the current one and maybe consume some .
Also, without seeing all of the text at once, a timid reader might keep reading. I know text intimidates me sometimes. it's interactive, which is kind of cool. I don't know....

Just a thought.


Blue Planet II

Jaw-dropping shots of the ocean. The smooth voice of Sir David Attenborough. Radiohead. We're suddenly hyped for the Big Blue Planet sequel. It has been 16-years of anticipation, and from the looks of the five-minute prequel, it'll be well worth the wait. Iconic composer Hans Zimmer returns to score the series and even worked with Radiohead to create the song "(ocean) Bloom" — an updated version of the band's 2011 single "Bloom". The series will premiere later this year on BBC One.
Radiohead & Hans Zimmer