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Rubicon Agriculture

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I recently published a new site, along with a promo video for the launch of Rubicon Agriculture's revolutionary product, the AgroBox. The AgroBox provides healthier, tastier, fresher produce, which can be grown year-round and sourced extremely local.

Video production in collaboration with Erik Moorman, photography and website by Mike Guggenheim and the Rubicon Team, with assistance from William Welch on content design & creation.




I worked with Kyle Scneider and Anna Vogelt to complete this site early in new year (2015).The site and it’s content was built from scratch, which allowed us to start with a fresh approach. The goal was to keep it “fresh” by keeping the content clean, clear and intuitive.



We knew that it is important to appear professional, but by putting a little more in to presentation, we are able to create a stronger brand experience.

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