Get Out Of Your Own Head


"In a world that tells us to create an identity and promote a personal brand, it's natural for us to get swept up by our thoughts and feelings, falling pray to the notion of "good" vs. "bad". We're required to tell stories to sell our work and talent, but often forget where the line is that separates reality from fiction. Ultimately, this disability paralyzes us and puts up a wall between us and the information we need to do our work."
- Ryan Holiday

The solution lies in the ability to eliminate harmful mind chatter.

Too Good

Promoting oneself as being powerful, special or important.


"I have so much knowledge."

"Clearly, I'm more gifted."

"I'm pretty damn humble."

"I love it... I'm the best."

"I'm so misunderstood."

"I... am fuck'n brilliant."

If we're not careful, we get stuck in our own head, getting high on pridelow on self-esteem.
Both lead to misery.

Too Bad

Belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.


"I'm incapable of selfless love."

"I really hate myself for that."

"I make so many mistakes."

"I'm bad at relationships."

"I have no talent."

"I... am fuck'n dumb."

"Living clearly and presently takes courage. Live with the tangible and real, even if it's uncomfortable. Be part of what is going on around you. Feast on it. Adjust for it. There's no one to perform for. There's just work to be done and lessons to be learned in all that is around us."

- Ryan Holiday

"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about, but their own thoughts, so they lose touch with reality and live in a world of illusions."

- Alan Watts


Book: Ego Is The Enemy, By Ryan Holiday
"Thanks to your support, my last book was incredibly well received, it even unexpectedly found a strong footing with professional athletes. It couldn’t have happened without you. As I did last time, I wanted to reach out to you, my readers, for help and ideas in introducing this book to communities and potential audiences." - Ryan Holiday

Mr. Holiday,
Thank you for sharing your life experience with us, your readers. This book has influenced my life in great ways. Sincerely, Mike.

Special Thanks
This book was gifted to me by Kiel Kennedy. Thank you for sharing it brotha - you are awesome.