6 forms of Contagious media

These note are gathered from a great book called “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”. The book is a great read, all the way through, so if you like what you see here, I highly suggest giving it a read. Enjoy!

Social Currency:
We share things that make us look good.

- Does talking about your product/idea make people look good?

- Can you find the inner re-markability? Leverage game mechanics?

- Does talking about you product/idea make people feel like insiders?

When we care, we share.

- Focus on feelings. Does talking about your product/idea generate emotion?

- How can you kendle the fire?

Top of mind, tip of tongue.

- Consider the context, what cues make people think or talk about your idea/product?

- How can you grow the habit and make it come to mind more often?

Built to show, built to grow.

- Does your product/ idea advertise itself?

- Can others see when others are using it?

- if not, how can you make the private public?

- Can you create behavioral residue that sticks around even after people use it?

Information travels under the guise of idle chatter.

- What is your Trojan Horse?

- Is your message imbedded in a broader narrative that people want to share?

- Is the story not only viral, but also valuable?

Practical Value:
News you can use.

- Does talking about your product/idea help people help others?

- How can you highlight incredible value, packaging the idea/knowledge in to useful information others will wan to disiminate