Poster Design

If you've ever been to Indiana University, you know it's a special place. In fact, I often refer to it as paradise. It's a big school with a big beautiful campus and there is lots going on, all all over, all the time. It's hard not to embrace that energy.


I designed this poster after graduating from IU, amidst the recession, unemployed and living at home with my loving parents. School was over, but continued education, building skills and applying for jobs was a full time affair ...a full time, often lonely, afair. And that is why I'm dedicating this poster to some special people. Because, "When [there was] nothin' to do and the [tension was] too thick for my sober mind to cut through"(HOV), I'd hop on a bike and head south on the Monon. I was headed to my (semi-fratty) frat bro's house, in Broad Ripple. The back door would be unlocked and I knew just where to find the gang - top floor - eagles nest. That's where we'd kick it - great music, great company and great conversation. Thank you guys for the awesome memories at IU, thereafter and for always keeping the door unlocked and the spirits high. Cheers gentlemen.