What's your name, again?

Remember These Tips
To Remember Their Names

1 - Pay Attention
Easier said than done, but if you really want to remember their name you must focus.

2 - Use It
Use their name and repeat it often. In fact, if you use it enough, muscle memory kicks in.

3 - Build Association Create a visual in your mind that correlates with their name. Ex: Bill at the bank receives my dollar bills.

4 - Word Play
Use mnemonic devices. For example, “Pete from down the street” (if Pete was a neighbor).

5 - Spell It
Ask them to spell it out, then picture the words across their face. Personally, this one doesn't resonate with me. But, if you're a good speller maybe you'll have better luck.

6 - Help Them Remember
Making it easy for them to remember your name doesn't necessarily help you (other than being conscious about names in general). But, it does feel good when "strangers" refer to you by name.

7 - Introduction
Introduce someone you do know to lure others to repeat their name (and repeat tip 1).