Memory Makers

Got butterflies in your stomach?


The flutter of activity you're feeling is uncertainty. Those who embrace this do well, because there is great strength in being vulnerable. To get out of your confort zone is to challenge your senses & your emotions. It's an opportunity to learn & grow, and on top of all that, it's an opportunity to make memories. So, cheers to the butterfly chasers out there - congratulations on carpe-ing the fuckin' diem.

SourceConversation with Brian Regan, Comedian,
on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee".



President Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with leaders who brought strength through diversity and mutual challenge.  He sought advice from people of all capacities - some as strong as himself or even stronger. He had no fear of being crushed or overridden by others, which was a mark of sincere intention. His confidence allowed him to practice the LAW OF EMPOWERMENT, which helped him succeed during a critical time in human history. 

Law of Empowerment

  • Identify & Lift Up Leaders
  • Believe in others and they’ll believe in themselves
  • Give credit to those performing well
  • Share the blame with those performing poorly
SourceLaws of Leadership, by John C. Maxwell

Joe & Will

 A R T I S T S


I have lost and I have learned and this is what I know: Love yourself. Find forgiveness. Forgive others for harming you. Forgive yourself for harming others. Forgive yourself for harming yourself. Forgive others for harming others. We learn from genuine consideration, understanding and forgiveness. It's an opportunity to grow, resolve conflict, find love & find compasion - bettering your life & others.

Dedication & Sourcing:Post in dedication to Joe & Will Lawrance, Artists, Friends. Featured Audio: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, This Love I Met by Guggenz, Susan's Gone By Dirk Powell



June 25, 1956 -June 8, 2018

Mr. Bourdain, I have been a loyal fan of yours since minoring in "No Reservations" in college. Your work has revolutionized the way we see and taste the world. You shared your life and experience with us and have left a profound mark on me and many, many others. I hope you are at pease and know that your spirit is very much alive - and we will carry it on with pride. Thank you. You will be missed.
- Michael