New Mind Set

I’m a bit of a recluse and being in public can sometimes stress me out; the unfamiliar people, unknown territories - they make me anxious. Nonetheless, I would like to be more social when I step out the door. …I may know how to achieve that?!

According to “The Upside of Stress”, by Kelly McGonigal, anxiety is made from the same chemical compounds as excitement. Therefore, by repurposing anxiety, we turn it into something more productive.


Elvis Presley would have great anxiety about performing, according to “The Art of Seduction”, by Robert Green. When Elvis would go on stage, he would be filled with so much anxiety and emotion that he’d become a different person. Instead of being overcome by his nerves, he’d adopt this incredibly infectious swagger that drove his fans crazy.

What aspects of your life make you feel stress?

Can you repurpose your anxiety to make it better?


Power of Habbit.jpg

The nucleus of a habit consists of three parts.

  1. It begins with a Cue — the trigger (a time of day, a certain place, the presence of certain people, a particular emotion) sending a message to your brain to switch on the automatic mode.

  2. Next is the Routine  — the habit or behavior itself, which can be psychological, emotional, or physical.

  3. Last is the Reward — what tells the brain to reinforce this process in the future, the next time the cue is triggered.


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The Power of Habit”.