Artists & artwork

We often use
our imagination
& creativity to
create work
that is:

Uniquely to Our Senses 
Profoundly Emotional
Simply Beautiful
Pleasing to Observe
Enjoyable to Consume

We call this type of work "art".

Art is a cornerstone of humanity and the essence of culture. It’s also a tool for innovation, inspiration & exploration. That is why we honor great artists & great art work - because at our core, we believe that inspired people lead inspired lives. Inspired people can change the world.

SOURCE & DEDICATIONThe undelying beauty of art is in the process. Once we realize that it's equally valuable to create art as it is to consume it, we can dedicate ourselves to purpose w/in the hours and hard work it takes to create something great. We are all artists, and when we share our gifts w/ others, we "free fall". We're surroundering our stored energy to the universe - the reciving public - which is not always easy. But it gets easier when we're happy w/ our work, regardless of how others respond to it. I've found that the most rewarding experiences are often the hardest ones to commit to. So, when we are ready to take a chance, take some risks, remember that grace & forgiveness is obtainable - gently rest your fear and go for it - free fall. And thank you for sharing! Even if/when your work doesn't resonate w/ me, that's ok - if it's honest than I'm all the better for experiencing it. So, be an artist, create artwork, share it & shine on. That's what I want to see. That's what I'm going to do. So cheers, to all the artisits - accross the board, accross all medians - you got us here! Thank you for sharing w/ us. Thank you for inspiring us. We are forever grateful.

Artist & patron forever,
Michael Guggenheim

Extreme Ownership

“Discipline equals freedom.”

- Jocko Willink

“In order to convince and inspire others to follow & accomplish a mission, a leader must be a true believer in the mission. Even when others doubt or question the amount of risk - asking “is it worth it?” - the leader must believe in the greater cause.

Leaders must always operate with the understanding that they’re part of something greater than themselves and their own personal interest.

They must impart this understanding to their teams, down to the tactical level of operation on the ground. Far more important than training and equipment - a resolute belief in the mission is critical for any team or organization to win and achieve big results.”


Jumpstart your brain & body w/ a raw egg.

The nourishment we get from a raw egg, like protein & , supplies our our body with unique energy restoring compounds - stimulating body functions such as muscle mobility & REM. Research also indicates that these compounds help prevent Alzheimers. However, too much acetylcholine has been known to cause jaw tension and teeth grinding during sleep.
Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter (communicator for cells) used for many brain and body functions.

*More info on sourcing healthy eggs: Food Renegade.



Behind every great company there is a jam artist & a vectorized logo.

…that’s just how I feel.